Friday, June 27, 2008

Kyng's Mission to Find YHWH & Yeshua

Born and raised most of his life in Tampa, Florida… Kyng brings that east coast suburban flow to the wonderful world of spiritual Hip-hop. “ Born and raised a Christian I am a testament of the goodness and awesomeness of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.. though also a past prodigal I am truly opened to the evils and grittiness of the inner cities that traps the minds and hearts of our youth throughout not only the U.S. but other communities in our present world to date”.

The second oldest with four other siblings who all have lyrical talents, rapping is definitely what Kyng would call second nature. “If I wasn’t listening to my other brothers freestyling on the streets than I was in my room trying to perfect my own flow”. Moms also had talent. I can remember singing in nursing homes or youth choirs to songs that she had written. For sure her talents as a singer and writer definitely rubbed off on her five boys.

My father who is the best role model for a young man to have showed me how to be a somebody, not just a good philanthropy in our society but one who strives to achieve much in the kingdom of God. But regardless of being raised in a great and loving home somehow I lost my way a bit spiritually. Hanging out in the wrong sideof town, doing drugs, and basically being the complete opposite of my Christian upbringing. Kyng was searching, trying to figure out life on his own. Not until he surrendered his life and will totally unto God did he began to bare much fruit. “ I began to search the scriptures truly for the first time in my life studying for hours on end. Knew that I was blessed with a gift I began to turn everything in my life around with His help. To live only for Messiah’s purpose and his glory that will illuminate from my lips and touch the hearts of listeners abroad.”

Kyng’s journey has also led him into being not only a follower but a teacher of the Hebrew roots of our Christian faith. “ Believing it is an important and vital piece in the lives of every Christian , I am passionate in sharing this truth with all that I come into contact with. Truly the Goodnews of Messiah Yeshua, that is expressed in every song that I write.”

As a soldier of God who’s propelled to deliver the word of messiah through Lyrics that are thought provoking to the Jew and non Jew alike, the catholic, Protestant, those who are believers and those who are not. Kyng is on a mission To be a firebranded shofar proclaiming the works and goodness of Messiah in These “ Days of Elijah”!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Haze finding his way to the Torah

I grew up listening to all kinds of secular music, but mainly rap and hip hop. I had a love for music, playing instruments, and singing. After high school I began to write and compose music. I wrote a ballad or two, but mainly rap is what I would compose. My songs never had a negative vibe, I mostly wrote about my views and life experiences. I completed my first album, and was happy with the results. Two and a half years ago is when my life took a turn for the best as I knew there must have been something more to life than what I had been living. And I was also asking myself, "What's happening to the world?". Then my search for a better way of life began and my life started changing before my eyes. I knew there had to be a better way to live and I began looking to God for answers. I began going to whatever church I wanted to try, some I'd stay at for a while and then move on. I went to Catholic, Methodist, Non-Denominational, and Jehovah's Witness congregations. I prayed that God would guide me and show me the way. Near the end of my search, I was tiring of too much information and no real direction in my relationship with God. I didn't know he already had things planned out for me, but he did, and so it was no accident that I met a guy at my job named Jonathan who had a passion for God and the Bible. After getting to know him for a while, he started discussing his beliefs and I found my beliefs were similar to his. It’s like he re-lit a lost flame I had for God in my life. I was getting interested and curious to learn more about what we discussed and he invited me to come to a service at his congregation. After a while of going every now and then, as I was still going to another church, I found myself going every week to services at his congregation. I left the church I was attending and found my new home at the Hebrew Institute of Studies. I know God drew me there, because he answered my prayers, guiding me to where I needed to be. Every thing that was going on there was so eye opening; it was like a new understanding of my beginning faith. God had also answered another prayer of mine, in hopes of finding another who has the same love for composing music as I do, that’s when my friend Jonathan introduced me to his friend Mike A.K.A King. From there we hit it off sharing our thoughts, ideas and goals about music. Next we began to produce our first collaboration album together, more of a practice album to see how we work and sound together. We wanted to share our faith with others in hope to help them learn about YHWH, the Torah, and Yeshua. Our main focus was to preach the Gospel as our Heavenly Father would like for all of us to do, and what better way to do that, then through rhythmic sound of music. What made me start listening to and composing Christian music is that I realized how big of a negative influence that secular music was, especially rap and hip hop. It kept me from developing a closer relationship with God and my faith. To reach the next level you got to have a break through and free yourself from the bondage of that influence. Once you do, you’ll have less holding you back in the struggle against good and evil. I praise God for getting me this far, I have much to learn and a ways to go, but you got to keep pressing to get where God wants you to be. Until next time, Shalom to Everyone!! Haze